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ED nurse wanting to travel


Specializes in ED. Has 2 years experience.

My husband and I are both ER nurses. I have been a nurse 1.5 years, he has been one for 2.5 years. We just recently moved to an area that we love. We've made lots of friends and we love our coworkers (we work at different ER's across town). However, I've been wanting to travel to pay off my student loans from a previous degree. He's not sure about traveling because he loves our new home so much. I love it too, but I would love to travel.

I know there are some of you out there who have traveled and kept your significant other at home. Does it ruin your marriage? Should I do some local traveling? Block scheduling? Wait until I have at least 2 years experience (June 2021) to travel? I'm wanting to take the plunge but there's so much to think about. I want to travel with him but I don't think he's quite ready yet. Meanwhile, I'd like to get a start on paying off my debts. 

Opinions, good and bad? Advice?