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eCQM for CMS

Has 12 years experience.

With the proposed rule from CMS due to be out in April, how are Epic facilities working to meet the possible requirements for eCQMs?


Specializes in Quality Improvement / Informatics. Has 19 years experience.

I am the lead in our Quality department for the transition from chart-abstracted measures to eCQMs.

We are working directly with the Meaningful Use Informaticist and Epic vendor contact who will guide the transition and produce the files needed for submission of data. There is an Epic Meaningful Use call each week where they do touch on the IQR alignment proposal (soon requirement). I would recommend, it you haven't done so, to jump on these calls and search the UserWeb for the Epic Core Measures contact & follow them for the latest updates.

In my assessment, there is still a lot to do and learn on everyone's part. We will be starting an eMeasures workgroup specifically to begin to work on this involved transition, as well to start getting ready to transmit electronic measures for other quality initiatives that will soon be required at the state level.

Also - not sure if you are aware - TJC is also in the process of re-engineering chart-abstracted measures into eCQMs. The future is now!


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