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ECPI 2014!!!! HELP!!!!

by jenny2288 jenny2288 (New) New

I have seen different comments about ECPI in Raleigh. Good/Bad. I need recent information. People who have graduated from ECPI/current students. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.


Has 8 years experience.

I graduated in from the LPN program in 2007 at the Charlotte campus. It was the best decision I ever made. I only wish the RN program was available in Charlotte back then.

I am a current LPN student, graduating in a little over a month and I'm ok with the program. Hard is an understatement. This is NOT the easy way out! Yes, it is the easy way in, but only the strong survive. That applies both to the LPN and RN programs. If you work f/t and try to go here, you are wasting your time and money... it cannot be done. I'm telling you this first hand as I'm one of the rare students that has never failed a class. Out of the original 27 from my starting class, 6 of us are left without ever failing a class. A few are in later graduating classes, but most are gone altogether.

Every semester is 5 weeks long. When you get far enough in the program, prepare to drive far for 1 or 2 clinicals. Its really about how much/hard you study and whether or not you're making life fit around school. Ask away for further information.