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EBP in Home Health/Hospice

Ckawal Ckawal (New) New

Hi All!

I have to do a short EBP paper on a topic relating to home health or hospice. I haven't started my clinical rotations yet so I'm not really familiar with what's out there. Any fun ideas?


-The struggling nursing student

You should start by going to visit one of each and asking to speak to the liaison nurse, admission nurse, or staff educator (write those down). No substitute, and certainly going on the internet and hitting "Send" is going to give you low-quality returns in comparison.


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Love GrnTea's suggestion and it's certainly the best first step. I would also suggest checking out the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association. Professional organizations are great resources for issues in different specialties. They also have local groups with educational meetings, which is a great place to network or learn more about the specialty.


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