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Eastern Florida State College ADN (Fall 2020 start)

ms15 ms15 (New) New

I was accepted into the ADN program starting this fall. I was wondering if anyone knew what books we need for our first classes? Also, has anyone made a facebook page? Looking forward to meeting everyone!

@ms15 yay!! CONGRATS!! We don’t know yet but did you get the email today for the registration? And no but I think someone should! It’d be nice to have a fb page with everyone! And I am too!

@Prenursingmajor12 I did! And then I looked up the books on the bookstore website and it is about 2k worth of books for two classes. Surely that isn’t right?? If you know anyone else that has gotten in let’s try and get a facebook page together so we can all stay updated together LOL! What days do you have which classes? I’m curious who I am going to be with.