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East Kootenays/Cranbrook

by Kwas Kwas Member Nurse

Has 2 years experience.

Hello, are there any nurses here who work in the East Kootenays BC? Specifically if there are nurses who work in or have worked in Cranbrooks Bc, do you know whether on moving to this town/area it would be easy to get a nursing position ( grad nurse working towards RN)-or if its a long process.Please relate your experiences as nurses in this area.Also if possible what would the work situation look like for a spouse who is a journeyman electrician upon moving to the East Kootenays? Our current location is Edmonton.Thanks!

I was once interesting in moving there and asked a lady I knew who lived in cranbrook and she said there aren't many jobs and its hard to get one. Many of the nurses have lived and worked there for years and the population doesn't change much. However not sure how accurate this all is...