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Duty shoes

Hi guys, what brand of female nursing shoes can you recommend in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal (white color only)? Both foreign and local brands as long as it's available in the local market, :nurse: How about with precision stethoscope, how much and where did you buy yours locally?

there is CROCS MED shoes in e.rodriguez sr. rd infront st.lukes hospital...

ask ur hospital wat kind of shoes do they recommend..or any particular designs or wat...if just plain white..then u can shop it in any place..

littman for stethoscope. at sm malls there are medical shoes being sold.

How much are the Crocs Med shoes?

I tried a pair of Nursing shoes at Hush Puppies before, they were quite comfy. Didn't have the money to buy though. They cost around P2,200.


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Yeah, try hush Puppies or Keds. They're quite comfortable...which is what you should put in mind when you buy nursing shoes. They should be VERY durable too. ^^


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