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Does Arizona State University currenlty have a waiting list for their RN program? I just moved to Arizona and not sure how all this works. Do you have to get all your prereqs done at the cc first and then transfer to ASU? Or can you be someone with little college education and start their RN program? Thanks!

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Yes, ASU requires you to finish a set of pre-req courses. They are your standard pre-RN courses. You can find the list here: http://nursing.asu.edu/programs/undergraduate/bsn/pos.htm

You can transfer them from a community college. Many people in my class were transfers from a community college, and I would recommend it myself…it’s cheaper, and much easier (so I have heard). If it’s easier, your GPA goes up, thus increasing your chances of getting into the program. However, I would check with an advisor first. You may need to take a few pre-req at ASU, and there is always that problem of which credits are transferable. But I’m not sure, I was not a transfer.

As far as a waiting list: No, there is no waiting list. If you did not get in, you need to re-apply next semester (that means taking the NET exam again). However, there is a chance you may get wait-listed for the semester, just in case someone who is accepted doesn’t meet the requirements (i.e: fails patho, fails drug test, decides not to be in the program). ASU has both spring and fall enrollment because they have different campuses scattered across the valley. Some are standard 2-year programs and others are the “fast track” 16-month programs.

This page can answer more of your questions: http://nursing.asu.edu/faqs.htm

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