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Hi, everyone!  I'm a new grad nurse, and I'm considering applying to Duke University Hospital's new grad residency program.  Does anyone have any input on this program?  How is the orientation?  Are new grads well-trained?  Would love any opinions, as I would be moving from California...

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I am a former Duke nurse. I didn't go through the new grad residency, but I've seen it in action first hand. Duke is a supportive company and has amazing benefits. They recently adjusted the compensation and are now competitive with other hospitals. Out of all the hospitals I've worked, Duke had the friendliest staff. And there's a sense of pride that comes with being a Duke nurse. If it wasn't for my long commute, I'd probably still be there!

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Thirty-one years ago this was my first job so I can't help. I will say that the new grad program was really good back then, lots of support and great preceptors.  With UNC medical center down he road there is competition for nurses so the benefits and pay for RNs was pretty good back then.  Also Duke is such a huge medical center with all kinds of specialities you can stay there throughout your entire career and get all kids of experiences.  I had to move a year later but am sure I'd still be there if I didn't move.

Good luck!


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Thank you both very much for your advice!  It's awesome to hear that it's a. supportive community.