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Hi everyone,

I'm very interested in applying for DUINS, even though I haven't even graduated from my BSN program, let alone started my active duty experience post graduation, I find myself incredibly restless about this topic because I want to know what should I be doing to make myself stand out? I was thinking of completing those online nurse clinical leader MSN programs for my first year or two as an active duty nurse, then just waiting out my four years until I can actually apply for DUINS? I don't really know how this works fully, but I am determined to learn more about it!

I also wanted to go ahead and ask if the navy has any surgical nurse practitioners, and exactly what is their role in our military medicine setting? How hard is it to become a CRNA in the navy? And lastly, if I were to attain a master's on my own time, does that do anything to my rank? (I've heard it can raise you up, but this was information from a master chief).