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DUI in CA, license in WA?

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Hi everyone! I'm on the cusp of graduating after juggling school, family, and an impending wedding. I'm so excited! Unfortunately, I'm also burdened by a DUI that happened the year before I started nursing school, in 2010.

Everyone has been telling me to avoid the CA BRN and to seek my license in other states. I have family in Seattle, so i thought that might be a good place to try. Does anyone have any experience as a recent grad getting the license in WA with a DUI?

Thanks for the advice, I'm really nervous, but hopeful!

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I know this is an old post, but I am in the exact same situation - CA DUI that will be about 6yrs old when I apply to take NCLEX, thinking about going to WA - and am curious how this worked out for you. I would really appreciate a response if you get this! Thanks you


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