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Drug screen refusal at work

I am wondering if you refuse a drug screen for suspicion for diversion in Texas does the hospital have to report this to TPAPN and the Board of Nursing.Also, how long does it usually take to be notified by either TPAPN or the BON that you are under investigation. Thank you

I can only speak for Illinois, but I asked the same question right before I turned in my sample to the employee health nurse. Yes, you're reported for not submitting the sample. I have heard Texas is very strict, and I would imagine that would be what would happen in every state. Otherwise, anyone could divert all day and just quit if asked for a drug screen and move onto the next job. So that would be why the BON would consider not submitting to be an admission of guilt. Feel free to call a lawyer who specializes in the board just to make sure but I'm pretty sure I'm right.


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