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Drug dose calc test at eku orientation?

7student7 7student7 (Member)

I just got accepted in EKU's ADN program for spring. My acceptance letter said that there will be a drug dose calculation test at the orientation and said to buy this big workbook: Calculation of Drug Dosage by Sheila Ogden. Is anyone familiar with this test? Do I need to study the whole book before orientation? I'm thinking not, but don't want to be unprepared.

ParkerBC,MSN,RN, PhD, RN

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I would go over the entire book. Dosage Calculations are more than simply determining how many tablets to give the client. It would take me an hour to write out the many different kinds of problems I have had so far in school. There will be conversions, ratios, drip rates, ect…

If you are good in math, it shouldn’t take you long to get through the book.

Good luck