Drug Diversion for LVNs

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Is California the only state that doesn't offer drug diversion programs for LVNs? The RNs are offered drug diversion but they don't have a program for LVNs in my state. Just curious if it's like that across the board or just in CA...

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California is the most strict out of all the other states. I'd like to say there may be other states that allows LVNs/LPNs in their RN mandatory programs. According to the CA BRN, LVNs may attend the RN support groups. I brought in a nursing student to my old support group I graduated from. I introduced the nursing student to the group and reintroduced myself, and since then that nursing student stayed for years until licensure was granted. Those support groups have a lot of resources. Call the leader and introduce yourself and ask to come. Good luck!