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Drive Thru Testing

by Coffeenurse1 Coffeenurse1 (New) New Student

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone else is working a drive thru line swabbing pts for covid? I am a clinic nurse in a geriatric/dementia clinic, and of course we are not seeing pts, so I was stationed to our tent swabbing pts for three 12 hour shifts. It's not to bad and I just switched from being a floor nurse (which was actually one of the covid units) so its certainly a change of pace. There is always enough staff to help, mostly MAs and RNs and a MD is on site at all times. Most of our pts our the few pre-op pts that are still scheduled, employee health, and if someone's PCP or UC doc feels they have covid. I was just curious if anyone else is working like this how do you like it? How does the work flow go?