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Drexel WHNP


Hi All,

Has anyone applied to Drexel WHNP that starts Sept 2017? Or any current or past students. How is the program? Has anyone been accepted? How are the On-Campus days?

Thank you

I applied in May and still haven't heard anything!! The wait is killing me! Have you been accepted? I haven't heard much about the program. I work at an ob/gyn office and we have 2 providers retiring within the next 4 years, so I'm really hoping I get accepted to I can advance in my office!

I just found out today I got accepted!!!

Is anyone interested in a Facebook group so we can all connect easier? Also, my email is firechick58@aol.com. ...please send me an email so we can connect!!

A Facebook group sounds good. I'll email you shortly.

I emailed you for an add í ½í¸