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Dress shoes for hospital


Hey all,

I am a nurse practitioner who rounds on hospital patients in the morning and does home visits in the afternoons. I wear dress clothes and add the traditional white lab coat when I'm at the hospital. I'm struggling with what shoes to wear though. I need shoes that are dressy enough to match my attire but that are also appropriate to wear in the hospital from a patient care standpoint (even though I dont do any direct patient care at this point, just a quick assessment with lots of family meetings and care coordination).

Any great suggestions?? Anyone else wearing dress clothes in the hospital and have any stylish but appropriate shoes they love?

vampiregirl, BSN, RN

Specializes in Hospice. Has 11 years experience.

Have you looked at Alegria brand shoes?

I'm not a NP, but there are a variety of styles that work with dress clothes but still offer good support and are hospital appropriate.