Drawing up insulin question?


I am sure this is correct but wanted to double check with you all. Drawing up Insulin is like (RN).

1. Regular Insulin

2. N Insulin

3. Regular Insulin

4. N Insulin



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....injecting air first at cloudy then to clear....N to R...but when drawing up insulin....(you inject air to clear lastly,right?) widraw the clear one then back to cloudy.....R to N....maybe u mean.....NR to RN...:)



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The way that we were taught recently is "Nancy Reagan, RN". Inject air into NPH then into Regular, pull insulin out of regular then out of NPH. Air in NPH, Air in REGULAR, pull med out of REGULAR, med out of NPH! Easy way to remember!!!!:yeah:


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If you think of the reason why it is to be drawn up a certain way. You never want to contaminate a fast acting insulin with a slower acting insulin in the vials. That is why you draw up the fast acting (clear) before the long acting (cloudy)



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-inject air of the amount of insulin that u want to withdrawn into vial A (NPH or cloudy)

-inject air of the amount of insulin that u want to withdrawn into vial B (regular or clear)

- withdraw the insulin from vial B immediately after aspirating the air (regular or clear)

-then the amount of insulin desired from vial A (NPH or cloudy)