Drama on my unit

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I'm about 1 year into working as a new RN and I've been on my med/surg floor for the whole time. I came in knowing that both of the clinical supervisors on my floor have been on that floor for 30+ years. I can honestly say that both of them are burnt out. The grumpiness/fussiness from both of them is unbelievable. They also have their favorites that, in their eyes, do nothing wrong. I frequently pass by them talking with other nurses/CNA's about other co-workers. It truly saddens me that supervisors which are supposed to uphold the unit's professionalism engaging in such petty, demeaning talk. One of them literally made me burst into tears one day (only day I cried ever at work) and she didn't care and didn't even say sorry. I had 3 back-to-back postop patients from PACU at the same time and the supervisor did not even help me whatsoever as she was indirect. As I'm running around, she decides its a great time to yell at me for needing to do some education modules as if now is the perfect time to bring that up. I lost it.  We just transitioned to a new EMR and that has been stressful and also obtained a new certification for our unit (which means MORE charting). Nonetheless, it has been tense. I came to one of the supervisors the other day to tell her how I feel like I've been picking it up and feel like I'm getting it, and she literally shoes me off and tells me she doesn't need to know and it's not important to her. Like, sorry for being happy. This negativity from them has made other nurses gossipy, back stabbing, and overall creating a hostile work environment, even though everyone agrees that they don't help the unit when they are indirect and literally sit at the desk and will let a nurse drown and still engage in small-talk. I am ready to call it quits. I can honestly say its not the juggling a 6 patient assignment, but the co-workers that are making me want to find a new floor to work on. Not sure how common this dilemma or how other nurses have approached this issue. The manager does nothing about the issue as nothing is done about it still. 



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You know how you're sitting there on the Hulk ride all strapped in (intro to nursing) and then it starts, you ride into Bruce Banner's lab and you hear him talking out formulas and you start to get nervous and apprehensive but at the same time excited (you've landed a job), you're on the freaking Hulk ride!  And then it gets louder and louder and the test tubes start shattering and you see the green smoke and you know that HE"s in there, (**hit just got real), Bruce is about to turn and at the same time the ride starts the climbing and pulling you up, as you're hearing the cranks from the pulleys (this is often your typical nursing environment), no turning back now, you're on your way to the top.  And then you're at the top (open your eyes) everything is quiet (you can handle this!)  And then the Hulk ROARS and sends you flying!  Aaaah!.... go ahead let it out, let out the scream, the belly butterflies, this is the drop the thrill this is what you came to Universal for, (for some the paycheck, for some the love of nursing, their God given duty), you're being yanked and pulled, you can hardly catch your breath but you're doing it, this is the ride man, (this is nursing).  It's def going to have its highs and it's def going to have its lows but try to still enjoy it.  Because before you know it, ... (stay in your seat until the ride comes to a complete stop), it's over...

You see how even when you're at your lowest low you can still get the thrill.  Welcome Aboard!!💝🏆