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Downloading Drug Reference Book on Blackberry Phone

kabenkula kabenkula (New) New

I just got a new Blackberry Phone and I've heard that you can actually download the latest version of drug reference books online onto the phone, but I have no idea how to do it, or what websites to go to for assistance. Because I'm at the tail-end of the semester, I don't have much time to research this. Can anyone offer me some assistance with this?


Do you have a Blackberry phone?

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go to www.unboundmedicine.com/ using the banner to from allnurses.com to get a 10% discount on products.

i like the nursing central bundle from them. it has the davis drug guide, davis's lab & diagnostic manual, diseases & disorders, medline journals & taber's medical dictionary 21st ed.

Thank you for the suggestions. I ended up downloading epocrates, but I'm not sure it has all the drug information I need included, but it was free, and may have to work for now.