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Dose Calculation - Insulin

Hello everyone,

I'm in my 1st semester of a BSN program and am learning dose calculation. I was okay until Insulin (Unit) dose calculation problems were given. I understand calculations and dimensional analysis, but can't seem to get UNIT conversions. Does dimensional analysis work for this? Thank you!!!

Insulin calculations should be no different than any other medication; whatever method you use for those calculations should work equally as well.

Just use proportions bro. Much easier.


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I know that dimensional analysis is taught in nursing school, but my brain doesn't work that way. Thankfully, as long as I could show my work on a problem and got the same answer, that is all that mattered. As for your question, yes dimensional analysis works for all dosage problems.

Thanks everyone! Units finally clicked in my head and I made 100% on my first dose calc test!! Yippie!!


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