Donor in 1st successful kidney transplant dies at 79

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Kudos to this brother for being the first person to donate a kidney to his brother! Family organ donation and transplantation is still a very successful answer to the organ shortage.

This year at the Donate Life Rose Parade Float decorating, I met Ann Lopez, wife of George Lopez, as she donated a kidney to George who was in kidney failure. She was promoting organ donation from family members.

My late husband was an organ donor, also honored on this years Rose Parade Float, and the man who received his kidney had a baby this year (on my mother's and my MIL Birthday!) and named him Thomas after my husband! :redpinkhe


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How brave and selfless.


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How brave and selfless.

While organ transplantation is still an inexact science, fraught with ethical issues, and a huge percentage of transplant recipients have a poor quality of life after their operations, these brave men still paved the way for many to come.

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I work in nephrology and many of my pts have excellent quality of life. This is how they tell me.