Doing group work is annoying?

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OK, I've been assigned to a group of 4 people, and we have to write an essay together..

we need to do our own individual research on the topic, and then write about it..

I don't mind working in groups, but writing an essay TOGETHER is really hard...

We all have different writing styles.. I don't know why the lecturer is making us to do this.

This is my first semester btw. So maybe the lecturer is making us learn off others because some don't know how to write essays.

I would work so much better if I had to write it on my own.. it would be less time-consuming and I would get the job done with no drama :(

I don't mind doing group projects, but writing an essay together is hard.. don't you think? or am I being a little selfish here?



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Of course it's harder but I suspect that's the point, as a nurse you have to do things the harder way sometimes and you always have to work with a team. Good Luck!



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They do it to teach you life lessons. They know it sucks and they know it causes drama, but the theory is that it'll prepare you for collaboration and difficulties in the workplace. Or something.


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I despise group work! Grade me on ME, not what other people did or didn't do! I hope my LPN program doesn't have any of that crap.



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We have to assess each other's performance too :(

It's work 25% of the grade.

I just hope that I contribute well enough to the group.