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Does UTMB accept online statistics?


Does UTMB accept online statistics as a credit for their statistics prerequisite?

I just finished taking statistics online through my local junior college, and it is an accredited junior college. I just read on the UTMB website that they ONLY accept THEORY based online courses through an accredited college.

The course description is: Includes the principles and techniques of collection and tabulation of data, bar charts, graphs, tables, sampling, averages, dispersion, correlation, the normal distribution, and probability with applications to various fields. Prerequisite: TSI satisfied in Math.

This was 5 week course because I took it during the summer session 1 with my local junior college. Does UTMB accept online statistics?

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I am fairly fluent in 'college catalog' language - LOL. I believe that this means that they will accept online courses unless they include a lab component (A & P, Micro, etc). You should be fine with Stats. But it would be a good idea to validate this with someone in their admissions office.

Good Luck! UTMB is uber-competitive, hope you have also applied to some other programs.