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Does undergraduate prestige matter for CRNA?

by LincolnTwins LincolnTwins (New) New

I ask this, and I don't mean to be offensive in any way but I am saying this because I was wondering if CRNA schools care where I got my BSN from. How much does it matter? If at all?

Also does undergraduate prestige matter for getting my BSN?

Is it mainly just grades and test scores, and that's about it?


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Be careful about accreditation. Make sure the BSN program you chose is well accredited than you will not have a problem finding a CRNA school to accept the credits. I had an accreditation issue, and it was recommended that I go to the University of Phoenix online because they are very well respected and well accredited. I needed to take some classes fast and they were willing to work with me and my goals. It has been a good experience so far. Good luck to you


as long as the school you attended is NLN certified, you will have no adavntage or disadvantage regarding the school you received your degree from. I would think that in the cases where a school has both a Nursing program AND a CRNA school, they may notice people that hold RN degrees from their own school, but otherwise, no difference.

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