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Does your floor decorate for Christmas?


Just wondering if your floor decorates for Christmas and if so, who does it?

iteachob, MSN, RN

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The entire hospital decorates. There is an enormous dove (in lights) with the word "Peace" on the front of the building, and it often stays there long after Christmas.....like, until February!


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Yes, we do (Catholic hospital.) The office staff and facilities management staff do the decorating.


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The individual floors aren't this year. Apparently its not 'professional' or something. Just the lobby. Not sure who does it. I believe staff did the floors before

Flo., BSN, RN

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Same as above. Floors no, lobby yes. They tried to tell us it is a JHACO/ fire safety thing.

I remember having my son two days after Christmas at a Catholic hospital and it was still decorated and I loved it! I was just wondering if only Catholic hospitals decorate and the rest have become "politically correct" and don't.

loriangel14, RN

Specializes in Acute Care, Rehab, Palliative.

The unit I work on does.We have out tree up and garlands and lights strung. The big weindows in the hallways have sparkly snowfkes and there are 3-4 wreaths.Our ward clerk and charge nurse did most of it.


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this year we are not allowed unless the decorations are fire retardant. that is per JCAHO


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I doubt that is per TJC. It's probably per the fire marshal in your area.


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Every unit that wants to competes with the holiday decor. Last year they got very picky with this fire hazzard list:rolleyes:, go figure the scrouges.

So we have nothing from the ceiling but do a tree, can have any lighting once checked out by clinical engineering. all the garland and fake santa's. It's pretty fun. We keep the supplies in the locker room and people just keep adding to it each year, although we never seem to win:mad:

casi, ASN, RN

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We do a tree or two in the lobby. Then our unit has a nativity set they put up at the front desk every year.

We are also a Catholic hospital.

Gluteus Maximus

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I don't see the point of decorating for Christmas (unless its a Catholic hospital). Somebody somewhere will complain it's religiously/politically incorrect and demand it all be pulled down, so why even bother.

ohmeowzer RN, RN

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no i heard last year they didn't want to offend anyone... no trees or santas .. pretty sad...nothing...


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We have a garland suspended from an area in the nurses station (it's not from the ceiling, it's from a funky half wall that was mostly cut away and serves no purpose now...). We do an ornament exchange, and everyone who participates hangs their ornament on the garland. It's pretty secular.

If anyone complained, I suppose we'd have to take it down. We have a pretty diverse crew...mostly Christian with a few atheists, and a whole lot of folks who don't care one way or another. It's fun, though, and most everyone participates. Mainly it brightens up the place.

One frequent-flyer, who seems to get admitted for several weeks around most holidays (good natured, funny, but you all know the type), has participated the last two years!!

Not_A_Hat_Person, RN

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When I was an ER volunteer, people improvised an impressive array of decorations, including an IV pole that became a Festivus pole.


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No....we can't. Trees are placed (sans lights of course) at the end of the hallways by the big windows; might put up something festive on the corner of the nurses' station seen by patients & visitors. There is a Nativity scene that is placed in the lobby (Catholic Hospital) and some decorations (like wreaths) hung outside some office doors and those sticky gel decorations on the office door windows.

Other than that--no....very depressing in my mind. We can wear Christmas scrub JACKETS, but not Christmas scrub TOPS.....I still can't figure that one out.

Years and years ago, we had lights, garland, wreaths everywhere---now so many fire hazard warnings; don't want to offend people of other faiths. It is what it is whether we like it or not.:confused: