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Does calculus effect nursing school admission

Amarat24 Amarat24 (New) New

I am currently taking calculus and am not doing so well. All of the nursing schools that i am looking at dont require calculus. I have taken statistics and pre calc, got A's in both. I am wondering if nursng schools will even look at the calculus grade or only at the eight pre-reqs

They won't care about calculus much because it's not a skill you'll use in nursing. However, doing decently in it combined with your As in stats and precalc will be really, really helpful, judging by the confusion on basic algebra questions we see here daily. Any faculty member would be thrilled to have a student who can already solve a word problem. I know that in more than 6 years of teaching I only had a handful who came to my clinicals with that ability (but they all by god had it before I was through with 'em).

It depends if they consider overall GPA or only prerequisite GPA towards admission. Ask them or find out.


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