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Does anybody have an info on CSN?

by jamie0110 jamie0110 (New) New

I'm applying to the CSN lpn-rn bridge program for fall 2013 and I wanted to get people's opinions on the school. I haven't heard much about it since I'm from California and I'm planning to move to Vegas for school. Any info would be appreciated!

I am going into my 3rd semester in the RN program at CSN and I can tell you I have had a great experience. I am not super familiar with the bridge program but I do know that the bridge students and the regular RN students do wind up in the same classes at some point. The program is tough but from what I understand we have the highest NCLEX pass rate in the state. There is plenty of info online at CSN.edu. Just type RN bridge program into the search field and the page should come up. Good luck!