Does it matter that the ACNM does not support DNP requirements?

  1. Or will CNM's be required to obtain a DNP after 2015 also?

    Sorry, I'm burning up this forum tonight but I'm having a long term life planning kind of day and this question will really make difference in how our family proceeds through the next year or two and the direction we take.

    Does anyone know if CNM will need to finish a DNP program in the near future?
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  3. by   fmwf
    This is the million dollar question. Feedback indicates that CNMs b/f 2015 will be grandfathered in (as long as they meet the 2010 Masters date).

    There is word out that there could be a DM (Doctor of Midwifery) in the works. The best article I could find is by the ANA. It outlines the issue, but is promoting a "DrNP" (a professional practice and academic research degree) as the solution to the problem.

    This is a great controversy that encompasses and challenges graduate and doctoral level programs.

    My mom used to always say since I was a little girl, "there is a point where more and more education does not result in a better midwife." She has a high school diploma. I think that there are studies that may give some credence to this.

    I am anticipating more answers to this question this week.

  4. by   epiphany
    as far as I know thats not in the works right now.
  5. by   SiennaGreen
    FMFW- Thanks for the info! Please post any additional info you receive.
  6. by   melkwhyte
    Yes I will also appreciate any updates. I have started my pre-reqs and hope to be accepted into a nursing program by the fall of 2010.
    I know beyond a shadow of doubt that CNM is the way I want to go and I am pursuing it with tunnel vision. I am 47 years of age and would like to be finished with everything...undergraduate and graduate by the time I am 55.
    There is a doctoral CNM program at Baylor here in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex.
    However since it has not been proven that a doctoral CNM earns more than a Masters level, my family had been considering moving to the Seattle area when it was time for me to start graduate studies and pursue the CNM on a masters level that the University of Washington offers. I know that is a ways off....but when you wait until your 47 to decide what you want to be when you grow up....time is of the essence. Want to make sure I get it right.
    Thanks again for any and all updates or links to the subject at hand.
  7. by   SiennaGreen
    So totally with you! It seems to outsiders that I am hung up on stuff that is way down the road. However, because so many people and their lives are involved in these decisions (husband, 3 kids, elderly parents) the steps I take now need to be the most effecient they can be.

    Best wishes to you on your journey!
  8. by   TLAandy
    just fyi: i am posting this as a resource for information, i am an rn that is the process of applying to frontier's cnm program. i am part of the yahoo group american council of certified nurse midwives in florida. i joined as a way to follow the midwife community here in florida. i also was told incorrectly about the 2010 deadline and it had upset me greatly because that was not what i had found when i researched. the next block of text is my email to the group and the blue is their responses that follow. this was all current as of 10/2008. i would think these ladies would be more up to date on the ins and outs in policey making on a national level, than any of us here posting. hope this helps!!:d

    i am a nursing student with my sights set on becoming a cnm, i had
    heard talk that florida was gearing up to make all arnp have their phd
    by 2010, is this true? i also was told that it is all ready in effect.
    any information on this would be appreciated. thanks

    currently, in the state of florida, you must have a masters degree and a certification from the certifying arm of acnm. while there is lots of discussion nation wide regarding the move towards doctoral level degrees as entry level in nursing, this will not happen soon. definitely not by 2010.

    anna small

    anna small's reply is correct. keep your sights on that cnm credential. upcoming retirements will leave plenty of work for new midwives.
    cecilia jevitt
    university of south florida

    the doctor of nursing practice dnp is the new degree being offered. some midwifery programs have stopped the msn and have made their programs direct dnps bypassing the master's. some midwifery programs still offer the msn and have a dnp completion option. this allows cnms to practice for awhile before they finish the dnp.

    there is a push to make all apn have a dnp by 2015...while the american college of nurse midwives has not yet decided to require that all cnms be dnps.

    for more information see http://www.aacn. dnp/index. htm

    and http://www.midwife. org/sitefiles/ position/ midwifery_ ed_and_dnp_ 6_07.pdf

    http://www.midwife. org/faq_for_ students. cfm

    suzan ulrich, drph, cnm, facnm
    chair of midwifery and women's health
    frontier school of midiwfery and family nursing
    www.midwives. org