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Do you have to take the NCLEX in the state you graduate from?


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Hi! I am getting my BSN in Michigan and am graduating summer of 2015 but am also moving to Colorado summer of 2015. Do I have to take my NCLEX in MI and at that time apply to transfer to license to CO or can I just move to CO and take my NCLEX there?


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You can take the NCLEX in any state. Check the CO BON for specifics about what application and paperwork you need for that state as you will need to apply to them and register with Pearson Vue before you can test. But yes, you can take the NCLEX anywhere regardless of the state in which you seek licensure.

I live in MI, I actually had the option to test anywhere but based off my address it gave me options in MI and a few in Indiana.

Remember, when you go to take your NCLEX you have to a valid ID and it also has to match the address you give Pearson Vue.


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Thank you so much for your help!