Do you have an multi-state (compact) license?

by Ash2213 Ash2213 Member

I am in TPAPN, my license has remained a compact license the whole 3 years. A nurse I recently met at one of my meetings was reported to TPAPN last spring (after the new enhanced compact came out) and she stated her license was changed to a single state. She has no public discipline.

Does anyone know if that changed recently?

catsmeow1972, BSN, RN

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My state joined the enhanced compact thing sometime last year. Supposedly one has to apply for to join the thing and one of the requirements is to not be currently under the thumb of any monitoring program. I would guess that is the rule for any of the states in that agreement. My license now shows "single state license" obviously because I am chained to a contract. I suppose that rather makes sense to not be allowed to go work in another state dragging a contract.

I personally have no interest in going to another state. I'm tired enough of my current state's antics. At least the devil ya know.....