Do misdemeanor charges stop you from attaining nursing license!

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I have applied for many jobs, and didn't know I had a misdeameanor on my record. I am taking my prerequisites for nursing how would I find out about whether this charged will keep me from being accepting into the RN program.


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I also had a misdemeanor on my records. I applied to nursing school, and got accepted, passed the NCLEX about 2 weeks, and got hired for a job 2 days ago. I answered No about the part of being convicted of a crime. I had probation and completed it 4 years ago.

When the current job ran the background check, they said they didn't find anything and knew from my personality that I was a "good person." Just show your future employers who you really are, and that a mistake like this won't control your life. You can be a nurse with a misdemeanor. I start next week. wish me luck. I told them that I was involved in a horrible mistake and really wanted this job. They said they know if the Boards can issue a licenses then they trust me.

GooodLuck. Let me know if you have any other questions


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Thanks for the encouragement and I wish you much sucess.