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Do you know any CNE schedule in UAE?

by kryzyl kryzyl (New) New

Hello guys. I'm a (MOH) license nurse in UAE. My license is going to expire this November 25th that means I need to renew. This is my 2nd year for renewal, last year they didn't require me to submit CNE certificates so I was not bothered to register myself to any conference. Just last week my employer informed me that I need to submit 15hours of CNE certificate. I tried to provide them my online CNE (which I got only from some websites) unfortunately, Ministry Of Health is not accepting it and so I need help if you know any schedule having CNE this month and even on December 2010. I have to pay 50aed each month until I will complete my said requirements.

I hope there's anyone there who can help me. I'll be having 9 hours CNE this Dec 2 and I still need 6 hours more.:crying2: