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Do I go or do I stay

by guest1042410 guest1042410 (Member)

I'm partway through my LPN to ADN program.  My personal life is kinda falling apart and I'm not coping very well.  If I withdraw from my program while I'm still in good standing, would another school accept me down the road?  I assume I'd have to repeat the work.  At this point that might be the best answer.

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Do NOT go! I have several associates who have encountered personal obstacles when trying to achieve professional goals...MYSELF leading the pack. What we had to do was leap over those hurdles and press on, pain and all, realizing that by the time we reached the finish line, the personal struggles had somehow fallen by the wayside. 

My LPN-to-ASN was the worst personal time of my life, but was my greatest academic experience EVER. And believe it or not, I GOT THE LAST LAUGH!!

I don't know what challenges you’re going through. But if it was anything like mine, becoming that RN and receiving that pay increase is what propelled me higher than my circumstances and caused my ‘challengers’ and ‘road blockers’ to fail.

That was only a mere 10 years ago. Today, I’m 2 assignments and 1 course away from my MSN capstone and still laughing😂😂

 Keep going...!

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