Do I have to be an A student to be a nurse? ...there's no hope for me.

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Hello All,

First of all, I just wanted to express how much I look up to all of you nurses and nursing school students! You've all worked so hard to get where you are and on top of that, are giving back by giving care for the people in society. I wish so much to be along side you all.

But, I don't think I really have a chance anymore. As the nursing school impaction in California is rising, the stakes are high. I have finally finished all of my required courses and calculated my final GPA. I ended with a total of 2.75. Barely making the minimum requirement. Through my college career, I have hit bumps of bad advising (setting me back 1 whole year) and then a dip in grades (for a year)...

When it comes down to it, it seems as though straight A students will be able to have a fighting chance as a nursing student. It's making me so depressed! My family, friends, and the nurses at the hospital I volunteer at are all so supportive of me and are all rooting for me. This is what I want so very much. I've worked as hard as I could for 5 years to get here. However, what I want might not even be a figure of attainment.

What should I do? Were all of you high marked students? Am I nursing school material?


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How about repeating the classes in which you scored less than a B in to increase your GPA? Have you tried looking into private nursing schools, LPN and RN? Yes, it is usually more expensive, but I am always reading on the site that a lot of them do not have waiting lists. Also, are you will or able to attend school out of state?

Good luck. Don't give up.

I looked into out of state as well. It is an open option for me. As for repeating classes, the state schools in California calculates the two grades if repeated, but it doesn't not raise the GPA enough to make a mark.

I am filling out my applications right now, and it is making me sick to my stomach. I also checked the other thread with admitted students sharing their GPA. They're all quite high.

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm hoping for a miracle. :o


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I say fill out the applications, then worry later. Never quit before trying. You never know, you may come back here to let us know that you got accepted to nursing school. Check out schools that have a variety of things they look for in an applicant: some schools be admit strictly by GPA, other may look at essays, interview, Healthcare experience, volunteer work, etc. It may require more work to research these schools, but it is worth it.

Also, go to the California forum and post. Maybe there is someone where who was in the same position as you who may have some suggestions. Again, good luck.


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There are many roads into the nursing profession. I am sure you will find one of them. Grades are not the all important determinant of whether you will make a good nurse or not. Keep plugging away and keep us updated on your progress

I had a terrible high school GPA and didn't even send in my SAT scores....I didn't know how to get them (I graduated in 02). My school is really competitive (even for just general education), I have no idea how I got in. I did have to send 3 references and an essay, which would have to be the only thing that set me apart from the other candidates. I only had to do 1 semester of gen ed and I was accepted into nursing this next semester. My GPA was 3.8 but I know some of the girls that were let in weren't A students. I know my school looks for more than just the ability to make an A. They ask for references for everything.....which leads me to believe they would like to know more about your character rather than just going by intelligence. Stay positive and try applying to other schools. If you think you'll never make it then you won't.

I can't really offer any words of wisdom as I changed my major but I do know that Indiana State University does not have a waiting list or a cap on enrollment. If you meet the requirements you're in. Here's a link:

I got this info from another member here so I'm pretty sure it's correct. Here's the link to the thread:

I know it's a far away from California. Also check out Marian College in Indianapolis. It is a private college and very expensive, but I rec'd alot of grants: When I went there they actually didn't fill all their spots for the BSN program. Professors were wonderful and everyone was willing to go out of their way to help you. Great school, albeit expensive.

Also, Ivy Tech is a community college in Indiana that has tons of campuses all over the state. No dorms though so you'd have to find an apartment: You can apply to every campus for nursing (there are many) to greater your chances of admission.

All of these schools are accredited and are well respected in Indiana - even Ivy Tech.

I wish you loads of luck and please don't give up on your dream! Work hard and you will soon have RN behind your name. Until then, it wouldn't hurt if you aren't already, to obtain your CNA certification. At least with that you will become more comfortable with patients and pick up on diagnosis, participate in codes, etc. I know it's not the same as a nurse but it is in nursing.

You say you live in California, but are you close enough or is it possible to go out of state such as Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, etc? That could increase your chanes also.


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You don't have to be class A student just to be able to pass and graduate. If you think you're lacking in some aspects, that's where you focus your strengths, while maintaining those aspects of which you're good at.

Of course, the choice is up to you, whether you want to continue or not.:innerconf


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First of all, everybody that's a nurse is smart or they wouldn't be a nurse, with a few exceptions. I've found that the electric kool-aid acid test for anybody doubting themselves is that they change their major when they doubt themselves going into nursing school. Do you pass the test? Don't give up, you'll be running around one day with a stehoscope around your neck wondering what certification or special skill you can get next!

This is my concern too.. I am just starting my pre-req's and Im worried that im going to do all this work just to mess up and do crappy in my science classes which determine if i can get into the nursing prog.

how hard is A+P I / II?? how about Micro?? :o


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I can only speak for Anatomy as my school breaks it up into Anatomy and Physiology. Looking back, I wouldn't say Anatomy was HARD, but was just A LOT of information. Nothing I expected, as I thought this class would be a piece of cake.

This is not a class where you can put off studying until the last minute. It would be wise to stay on top of your studies and seek help if you are having trouble. I had trouble in the beginning since all this was new to me, but ended up with an A. If you have taken a general biology class where you went through all the systems (skeletal, etc), I think you will be fine. I was taking Bio along with Anatomy, which is why I started off slow. I ended up w/ a B+ in General Biology. PHEW!

This is my concern too.. I am just starting my pre-req's and Im worried that im going to do all this work just to mess up and do crappy in my science classes which determine if i can get into the nursing prog.

how hard is A+P I / II?? how about Micro?? :o

Like someone had mentioned, how about trying LPN program if you not able to retake some of the courses over? After you become and LPN, you can bridge to an RN program.

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