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Do any high schools in the Seacoast..


allow adults to participate in any of their classes? I ask as most CC ADN programs require that you have hs level(at least)algebra,bio and chem and I think it might be easier to take these classes at the local hs. Anyone know?


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I don't know about the high schools, but typically the CCs offer classes that are basically high school level bio, chem, algebra that will prepare you for the college-level A&P, etc. I would call Great Bay CC and ask about developmental classes.

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There are programs of adult ed, usually hosted by the high schools. Portsmouth, Dover, and Exeter all offer these, I believe the only one exeter doesn't offer right now is chemistry, but you can take that at the CC. It will be considerably cheaper to take them through adult ed though. Just google adult ed for whatever town you are looking at. Good luck!

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