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DNP student needs to ask some question to a practicing DNP

by janice yang janice yang (New) New

Hi everyone

My name is Janice and I am a new DNP student in Loma Linda University.

I am looking for a practicing DNP to interview for my Advanced Role class. I came from Taiwan and I chose DNP program because I want to be an adult nurse practitioner. I am in need of a DNP that would be willing to answer a preset parameter of questions. The interview questions include how the seven DNP competencies combine with the real clinical work. This interview can be done over e-mail or message, whatever is of least impact to you. Please if you are interested in helping, reply a message to me. it is not only an assignment but also a discussion makes me understand more real roles in DNP.

Thank you for your consideration.

Janice BSN, RN, DNP Student


Has 12 years experience.

Janice, have you received a reply? If not, I will ask on some facebook groups. I am a student too, so I cannot answer but hoping to help.