DNP programs UF vs. USF Tampa

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Hi guys,

I currently hold a BA in physiology and a MA in adolescent Ed with a concentration in Biology. I am looking to change my career and get into nursing, specifically as an NP. I live in FL and my intention is to do an accelerated BSN degree, hopefully at UF, fingers crossed, but wanted more information on the DNP programs. My intention is to move on into the DNP program following the BSN. Does anyone know how the programs at UF and USF Tampa differ? Which is better, which nurses have an easier time getting a job or once on the job knowledge base in preforming their duties? What is the DNP program about, do you learn how to better tend to the patients or more knowledge about the medicine portion of the specialty one chooses? I read its about politics, policies, please tell me it ain't so!

I would have done an accelerated MS program (NY/Penn/NJ has this) but it seems here in FL one doesn't have a choice to do that and so a DNP it seems to just make sense after the BSN (if i can make the grades.) I would like to, I know its a hard field to get into, to do NP Dermatology. I have always been obsessed with skin and now for many reasons, mainly family/numerous kids/home, I feel like I can not dedicate many many years to my schooling as is needed to become a MD. But I love helping people (hence the teaching degree) and nursing is all about helping and taking care of people, an excellent choice, in my opinion anyway.

Also, I was planning on doing Adult care, but is it better to do family, job availability and also to get into derm specialty?

thanks for all your help!



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Have you looked at the USF CON website for information on the DNP program? It provides a good amount of information, and offers clinical residencies in preventative Cardiology and Dermatology among other specialties. I am not familiar with the DNP program at UF as I am a USF alumni.



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thank you for your reply!

Did you like USF? how was your experience with the school? Nursing program?

I saw on the website for USF about residencies and all and i didn't see that on UF website. it sounds so cool that you can do that which is why i think 'id want to go to usf if possible. but i was just wondering if there were people that had gone to these schools/programs so i can get some personal insight.



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I know you posted this quite a while ago, but are you still looking for info on the DNP program at UF?