DNP Program: With Non-Nursing Master's Degree


Hi Everyone,

I'm currently completing my BSN Degree (and already have a prior B.S. and a Master's Degree). I've been looking at various DNP and PhD Programs and was wondering, if you knew of any that are more flexible with transfer credits for someone with a prior master's degree? I know not all DNP and PhD programs require a MSN for admission. Any suggestions would be terrific :)

Thanks so much!



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I think it may depend on what your Master's is in. One of my cohort in my DNP program had a BSN and an MBA, no MSN. Best bet is to ask the programs you may be interested in.

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I know for a fact Texas Tech offers their executive DNP and their website specifically states you can have your masters in another field, but it is subject to their approval.



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I had a student in my DNP cohort with a MPH at St. Kate's in St. Paul, MN.


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Did you pursue your DNP? I am in exact same situation as you were in and interested to see what you chose. Thanks!