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Dear readers, I too have been scammed by DLSI!!i would have been alright if I was only scammed for the $4200 (the price that was told to me) and that was on the paper work @ information session. However I'm paying twice a month for two separate entities. One is for DLSI, the other is for virtual learning and I haven't virtual learned ****!!! They're Back SCAMMERS!!! Valuable lesson, but I wouldn't feel so bad if I was getting what I'm paying for!

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meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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What is DLSI? We have no idea.

I can see you're mad but I don't know why because I have no idea what DLSI is.


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After a quick Google search, many people agree with you. Which is why I google before forking over thousands of dollars.

OrganizedChaos, LVN

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DSLI produces study guides like TCN. There are many of those scam companies out there. Remember, Google is your friend.