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DKA Protocol

by SFRN7 SFRN7, BSN (New) New

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Hi everyone, 

I work in a MICU at a teaching hospital in a big city and I am working with the ICU pharmacist on a new DKA protocol. We are having issues with our current one in certain situations (such as transitioning to subq insulin or major fluctuations in blood sugar) and when we need to talk to the resident it takes a while for a response anyway since they will then call the pharmacist. We would like to update our protocol to be able to cover for these situations more without the nurse having to call the resident. 

My question is: Does anyone see these patients frequently and feel that they have an effective protocol that allows them to manage the patient safely but not need to call the provider often? If so, would you be willing to discuss it or send it to me? I would be very grateful, thanks!