Disparate for helpful hints


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CONGRATS to all of you that passed the ANCC board certification and thank you for sharing ideas to help people like me.

I graduated in 2016, my job didn't require certification then, now I am trying to take it. Can anyone please tell me from experience, which review course should I take Barkley or Fitzgerald that is up-to-date for the ANCC exam. Thanks for your time

I already got the following materials

1. Pocket prep

2. ANCC review book 4th edition

3.Memorable Pharmacology

verene, MSN

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Are you asking ANCC for PMHNP or for psych RN?

I didn't take either Barkely or Fitzgeral so I can't comment. I utilized the review tools from ANCC (review book) and pocket prep along with notes from school for ANCC PMHNP. The exam is not particularly difficult (I found it easier than NCLEX in many ways).


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Sorry my question was not clear enough. I am studying to take ANCC for PMHNP. I got the pocket prep and the purple book. Thanks for your advice.