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Dismissed record and PA licensure


I am not currently a nursing student but plan on going to school in PA. I currently live in NC, and unfortunately, last year I was arrested for simple assault 1 but charges were dismissed because the person admitted to lying about me. I am in the process of getting this expunged. Now, I have contacted the BON and they informed me that since I was never convicted, I don't need to disclose this history and I don't need to inform them of expungement either. I'm really worried about not being able to be hired with this. I have never been in trouble before, I don't even have a speeding ticket. Do I have anything to worry about? I've heard that depending on the charge, felons can even be a nurse in PA. My husband keeps trying to reassure me that I have nothing to worry about because I was never convicted. Has anyone had any luck?

I have a similar issue, I was charged with a misdemeanor for minor in possession of alcohol back when I was 18 (I am now 25year old). The charges were dismissed and I had to pay a fine of $160. I will be graduating in Spring '15 and I'm not sure if this is something that I need to report if my case was "dismissed".