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Dismissed Charges 5 years ago, applying for license

BSN201489 BSN201489 (Member)

I was hoping to get some input. I had charges that were dropped 5 years ago. I had to do a background check to get into nursing school which didn't prevent me from getting in, as well as for jobs and volunteering. I already received my ATT and took and passed my boards before I was notified that I needed to send in documentation to further evaluate my application. I spent a lot of money, time, and stress to get where I am today and performed at top of my class. Do I need to worry about being denied after submitting paperwork if the charges were dismissed??

I think that depends on a lot of things. Was it a felony, was it dismissed without predjudice, were you a minor when it happened? Logic dictates that if you got ATT, you should be clean, but no one ever promised logic from the BONs.

If you feel it is a real issue, you may want to get an attorney, but if it's just a request for documentation you may be too early to do that.