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  2. PMHNPHopeful

    Vanderbilt MSN 2020

    Hey Tris29150, You seem to have some inside knowledge on the priority deadline piece of the application. I submitted my application mid November (Was waiting on a rec letter). What have they told you about people that submit after the priority deadline? They did tell me that they start the second round of reviews after the start of the year, so I'm assuming they at least consider applicants after the Nov 1 deadline. Thank you!
  3. Undercat

    Plant-based (vegan) mandate for NY hospitals

    Does she realize that olive oil comes from a tree and not a cow?
  4. Undercat

    Is Nursing a Profession?

    How could they be the same? One is 60 credits and one is 120 credits. Do BSN programs no longer require a public health clinical semester?
  5. RussDS


    I see. I was not asked to go to my university to verify anything. After my initial interview, I waited at least a week or two, they sent me a Resume in avant format where I wrote all my skills, equipment used, cases handled etc. Sent them back. Then, after that I waited for 2 weeks, someone called me to schedule my clinical interview. You will be asked for the date when you will be available for it. Currently, I'm still waiting for a call to schedule my final interview. It's been going to 4 weeks since I had my clinical interview.
  6. I’m having a heck of a time with eyedrops with my dementia residents. They won’t tilt their head back most of the time and one won’t keep her eyes open and just blinks rapidly. Any tips because it’s really difficult giving eyedrops when they’re sitting straight up. Help!
  7. Julesmd98

    Dominican College ABSN / WABSN program 2020

    Hey! I didn’t get anything either. I went to Dominican all 4 years but my prerequisites are in the B’s and a couple of A’s. I got a C in stats though which sucks. I don’t know if I’m gonna get accepted at this point
  8. Tarcisio Gois


    Yes, and I passed both of them. I also had the first telephone interview
  9. Elaine M

    My Life as a Nurse

    I started in a level 2 NICU in 82 also, and did intermittently until 2013. Memories...
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  11. R5RN

    Do charcoal masks work for foul smells?

    Much easier solution - smear a bit of toothpaste between two masks.
  12. Hi! I start the ISU program in a couple of weeks. I currently work at St. Joe's in Tacoma, and I see that most of my clinical sites can be at St. Joe's hospital. How did you find your preceptors? How would you rate job placement after this? How would you compare your knowledge gained vs. people who went the traditional RN route in class? Sorry for all the questions, I am just super excited to see someone in my state go through the same process as myself!
  13. Mnstn

    Working on MPH, worth going for MSN?

    I understand that one has to have nursing experience in an area to actually educate. I've been a pediatric RN for 6 years with both inpatient and outpatient experience and now I'm getting my MPH. My question was more, is a MSN worth it or needed to further a future in health education and promotion or not?
  14. OliviaBSN

    Illinois Masonic RN Residency

    Hi there! I am graduating with my BSN in May 2020 and I am looking to apply for the new grad rn/nurse residency at Illinois Masonic. Can anyone help me with tips for the application process? There is no deadline online that I can find. Also, do I just apply for registered nurse positions and then if I get them I will be enrolled or is there a complete separate application for the residency program? Any helpful tips would ba awesome! Thank you so much!
  15. No we haven’t heard anything back , I called and they said letters are still going out whatever that means lol .. I did ask if those accepted already had the orientation and the assistant said yes so I’m guessing that might not be a good sign for those of us waiting .
  16. Yankeesgirl907

    Utica College FNP Online Program

    I emailed you my number
  17. Thanksforthedonuts

    Microbiology course online?

    That’s terrifying.
  18. kmgxo

    LIU Brooklyn Spring 2020

    Also did you finish all your prereqs before applying? I wanted to apply for Spring 2021, but I was planning on taking Chemistry in Fall 2020.
  19. kmgxo

    LIU Brooklyn Spring 2020

    Hey! Can I ask a prereq question? I see on their site that they require Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology I & II, Microbiology, Algebra, and Statistics. So this mean that you have to take General Bio as a prereq? Can Micro be substituted for that? I've tried emailing them numerous times but I never get an email back lol
  20. I agree, call the help line at complio. They were very helpful(lol), and I was able to create an account right away after I called them.
  21. BSNdreaming

    National University Cohort 62 San Diego

    At least we know for sure for sure it will be this week! Can’t wait for everyone to finally know
  22. Susie2310

    Code Blue: Just Trying Figure Out What Happened?

    The patient was diagnosed with sepsis/pneumonia - the patient was severely hypotensive - BP was 70's systolic 50's diastolic at the start of care, with a fever, elevated lactate, elevated WBC, respiratory retractions, and the MD diagnosed pneumonia/sepsis from the CXR and the presenting symptoms and labs. It also appears the patient had serious pre-existing heart problems, possibly heart failure. There was a point raised earlier on the thread that it is not possible to know how much of the hypotension is sepsis related and how much is related to the presumed pre-existing cardiac problem. For me the questions are, given the patient's diagnosis of pneumonia/sepsis and what we know about the patient: 1) Why was the lasix given to this particular patient? 2) Why was fluid resuscitation apparently not given to this patient?
  23. JayKayAay

    Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2020

    Hey! Don’t quote me on this but I think that UofT looks at the whole application as opposed to just grades. I did apply with a 4.0 in my last year so i can’t speak to the whole “grades don’t matter as much” part very well (i did have a 3.3 cgpa though!). From past forums and personal experience, i think they really value diversity so having experience in a variety of subjects as well as experience in other areas other than healthcare helps. Look up past forums on how to write the supplementary app well, it helped me a lot!
  24. Susie2310

    Code Blue: Just Trying Figure Out What Happened?

    Did you read that the patient with pneumonia/sepsis was reported by the OP to have had an ejection fraction of 20 and a history of A-fib? It appears the patient had serious pre-existing heart problems. It seems reasonable to presume the patient could have been fluid overloaded when they presented to the ED, and that the lasix was given for fluid overload/CHF while the patient was being treated for pneumonia/sepsis. A number of people who have posted on this thread have conjectured that this is what happened; hence the reason for lasix being given, not for the sepsis. I haven't suggested that pressors are a replacement for fluid resuscitation as indeed they are not, but I have been curious as to why fluid resuscitation appears not to have taken place in a septic patient (if you read the OP's early posts you will see he/she states that no fluids were running). The fact that lasix was given and fluid resuscitation appears not to have been given raises the question as to why the pressor appears to have been given without prior fluid resuscitation in a septic patient; I conjectured that this may have been cardiac related but without knowing more about the patient's clinical condition and medical history it is not possible to know this.
  25. ameliatoye6

    Northeastern Direct Entry 2020

    I applied for the Psych MH NP specialty but haven't heard back. Did anyone else apply for Psych MH?
  26. Hoosier_RN

    CWOC Exams

    I did them in '17. I studied some, passed with no issues
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