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  2. khalladay

    Solano Community College Fall 2019 Program.

    thank you! I haven't heard but I'm hoping that they do alternates or whatnot. Its probably not good news but well see!
  3. cs2019

    Sumner College RN

    I'm hoping someone would be willing to post their Sumner RN schedule to this thread. I want to get a good idea of how much time ill have to work. I need to support a family of seven while going through this program. Thank you
  4. futurernmelne

    RCC Nursing Fall 2019

    Did you happen to call them and ask how many points you have? I'm debating on if it's okay to do that or not. Don't want to bother them lol...
  5. Stina.V

    Samuel Merritt Fall 2019 BSN

    Hello potential nursing students, My name is Christina and this is my second time applying to the BSN program. Although the last application I submitted was quite some time ago. After going to SMU's Minority Seminar I re-took some prerequisites and am hoping for a better outcome. Best of wishes to you all in this chat. I am totally nervous for March.
  6. Nursing2019

    UBC BSN September 2019 Applicants

    Another hopeful here... just wanted to say hi to everyone! I’m not sure if I’m more nervous about my Casper results or my supplemental (is it possible to give ‘too much’ information?). Oh well! Fingers crossed for the next few months..
  7. NurseStudent1994

    EVC FALL 2019

    I hope they tell us tomorrow
  8. DeniseInteriano

    SDSU BSN Fall 2019

    Hi everyone! These are my stats: Prereq GPA: 4.0 (30 points) Overall GPA: 4.0 (30 points) TEAS: 87.3 (6 points) that leaves me at 66 points! Best wishes to you all may we all get into our dream schools!!!
  9. vsnowCCRN

    Marquette university crna 2019

    I got my email decline today. So I am rooting for you guys. Good Luck, and knock them dead.
  10. berserk_angel

    UW Transfer BSN 2019

    I agree with Smo, that is a tough subject to talk about, and in such a short period of time .. I'm sure your essay was wonderful. Good on you!
  11. Ohman512

    UW Transfer BSN 2019

    Yeah it’s 20% less and so it’s 20% less from the starting unit of 20 so it’s 20-4=16. I hope I showed enough work, I feel like I did but I’m good at second guessing myself sometimes
  12. hanksey

    Accelerated BSN TAMUCC summer 2019

    My app was verified in nursingcas on Jan. 24. I imagine the interviews will be going on for a while because they only started yesterday, so I'm sure you still have plenty of time! Good luck to you!!
  13. m.higgins5

    UW Transfer BSN 2019

    Hi guys! For the math portion I got 1.2, 200 and 4. Was I supposed to subtract 4 from 20? I’m just realizing that now
  14. sm0318

    UW Transfer BSN 2019

    I’m so so sorry to hear about your brother. But I am glad that you were able to tie this in with your essay. It’s so important to be able to find compassion and have empathy as a nurse. I’m proud of you for being able to talk about it on paper and on this platform
  15. Minimalka

    UF accelerated BSN Summer 2019

    Hey all! I know someone mentioned somewhere about starting a Facebook group once you find out who is admitted... I just wanted to give you a heads up that for those of you who get admitted to Jacksonville that you will already have a Facebook page made for you by us mentors. So for those of you who get admitted to the Jacksonville campus, you will receive the link to that page via an email within the few weeks following decisions/acceptation of your offer. Also I would HIGHLY recommend if you do not have Facebook to make one! Emails tend to get overwhelming, lost or not even sent sometimes in Jacksonville, so having a Facebook helps you stay up to speed on info/ ask questions to your fellow cohort (plus is a great way to connect prior to orientation!) I know decisions may be coming out this week, so I wish each of you the best of luck! Go gators!
  16. DianeDoval

    Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    I got a 7.376 and a 790 on critical thinking... after reading most of the posts im definitely freaking out now.
  17. Today
  18. Jacv22

    Pace ABSN FALL 2019

    Has anyone heard anything from earlier interview dates whether you were accepted or waitlisted?
  19. Mermaid.RN

    OHSU 3 Year BSN, 2019 Fall Start!!!

    Oh gosh, I don't know! My first inclination is that they won't allow it... but it can't hurt to ask! Let me know what you find out.
  20. sm0318

    UW Transfer BSN 2019

    Yay! I’m glad I got all the math the same as y’all. I picked scenario 1, as I’m the least familiar with care in regards to teenagers as well as substance abuse. I don’t think they were looking for how we would treat the patient, more just how we would grow as nurses and people by caring for the patient.
  21. core0

    Medical billing and coding for NPs

    You could also look at this one: https://store.sccm.org/SearchResults.aspx?searchterm=integrating&searchoption=ALL Although I have an authors bias.
  22. berserk_angel

    UW Transfer BSN 2019

    Oh good. Im so relieved. That second one seemed deceptively simple..unless we're both wrong lol! What pt did everyone pick? I picked #2. I said because the combination of stressful circumstances with neurological damage makes it a challenge to determine the cause of her headaches, and because it would be a personal challenge to not go "Hell naw you're not going back to your ex partner!!!" As a nurse my role would be to empower the pt about her health offer resources like domestic violence support group etc rechannel my energy into that , instead of voicing emotionally charged opinions yadda yadda. I also made a big to do about holistic care and how clinically i would have to use different methods like imaging medication etc to find the cause of her headaches.
  23. Ohman512

    UW Transfer BSN 2019

    Well I feel better about my math answers now. I got 1.2mg per hour. 200 ml for the hour (based on the same reasoning as you, wasn’t sure how to show my work on that but I did my best) and 16 units of lantus for the 3rd one. I showed my work for all except I didn’t show how I divided 300/250 because I just know it’s 1.2 but I showed the rest on that problem (like how I got all of my numbers) hopefully it’s sufficient
  24. berserk_angel

    UW Transfer BSN 2019

    YES ITS DONE!! How did you guys do? I know they said not to break it down afterwards but I still want to lol. Does anyone know how many people total got invited??? I thought they would give the number at the beginning...they didn't! I really really want to know.. What did you get for the math? I got 1.2, 200 and 16. The second question threw me. Seemed like a trick question....I just doubled the 100 mL because it's every 30 min and it's for 1 hr..right?
  25. bluepurplegreen

    UW Transfer BSN 2019

    Hey everyone! Hope everyone feels good about how the proctored went! Now it’s just a waiting game.
  26. Ohman512

    UW Transfer BSN 2019

    Woooooooo! Glad that’s over! Felt good about the essay but the math questions were a bit harder than I expected. 99% sure I got two out of three right on the math part...not so sure about the 3rd.
  27. Sorry I was unclear about that. I have 4 friends in the same metropolitan area who work for a similar salary, but their CONTACT hours are 32-35... This was my question. I understand the actual worked hours are much longer. So I currently see patients for 40 hours a week, then chart for another 10 hours, about.
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