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  2. HelloNurse80

    Hired as a PNP, forced to work as an RN

    I did not work there as a nurse. It's a hospital system that has urgent care clinics. I worked at several departments in the hospital throughout the years. But I never worked at urgent care. From what I've heard they have asked previous nurse practitioners to work as RNs, they all said no. Dummy me said yes initially, although they never trained me to work there, and now they're not letting me say no.
  3. KellyICURN

    UAB 2021

    I’ve requested to join!
  4. CrunchRN

    Your Thoughts on COVID-19 Vaccine

    Interesting news about the vaccine in Russia this morning. Of course, I do not believe "transparency" is anything we can count on from them unfortunately.
  5. CrunchRN

    Hired as a PNP, forced to work as an RN

    Did you work as a nurse prior to getting your PNP? Seems weird that they would pay an NP salary for an RN position unless it was just until they could hire a nurse.
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  7. HelloNurse80

    Hired as a PNP, forced to work as an RN

    Well, my mortgage can't take a resignation on principle....so I am aggressively looking for another position.
  8. chuckie3571

    Graduating April 2020.. Navy Next?

    This thread was started quite a bit a go but if you are still interested in Navy nursing and would like some questions answered I could probably help answer some of those questions. I am currently an active duty nurse with the Navy and have been in for 2 years now.
  9. macawake

    Your Thoughts on COVID-19 Vaccine

    The safe vs unsafe queastion is why we have several phases of drug trials. (Well safety and efficacy). Generally speaking I’m very pro-vaccine and the world desperately needs one for SARS-CoV-2. I don’t think that the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 will mutate faster than vaccines can be made. Once a vaccine has successfully passed through the trial phases and been approved I will in all likelihood take it. The only caveat is that the research process is transparent and that I don’t suspect that corners have been cut and prestige of ”being first” has been a major factor. Let’s just say that I won’t be standing first in line for this one until it’s been properly evaluated. https://www.dw.com/en/russia-registers-worlds-first-coronavirus-vaccine-putin-announces/a-54524385
  10. TheDementiaNurse

    Barriers to SNF and ALF improvements

    Staffing ratios are the most critical element in providing the care residents deserve. Dress it up any way you want to, but it takes time to provide good care. How many times have we been trained to provide a care model that we can't deliver on due to staffing constraints? This is fuel for burnout. We know what practices lead to the best outcomes for residents. But our daily assignment is too large to include those practices in our care. Then "the system" tells us we are to blame for not doing what we know is best for residents. One of the biggest barriers to sane staffing is competition for admissions. As facilities pop up on every street corner, the struggle to fill beds is on. Bells and whistles are what many consumers respond to. When facilities compete for admissions, eye candy works. More elaborate decor and available amenities than the facility down the street bring in admissions. Beautiful buildings and special services cost money to create and to maintain. A lot of money. Where does that money come from in the business model of long-term care? It comes straight out of the staffing budget. Personnel is the biggest cost factor in running any facility. So when a huge loan payment is due every month, where do businesses cut to remain profitable? Staffing. And staffing ratios drive the quality of long term care in a big way.
  11. knalvarado

    CCRI Spring 2021

    what are your points? im also applying this year with CNA points but I got a b on one pre req class. how was the hessi ?
  12. Savannah Calamita

    UCONN 2021

    Hoping the best for you! ahh august 29th😓 hope we hear back soon! thank you for the info though appreciate it! good luck everyone.
  13. bamafire796

    Clinical Patient Logs

    I am about to begin my last semester of FNP school and I'd like to make it as smooth as possible. Even at the end of the program, I am still trying to find ways to manage my time better. How do you guys manage your time for the patient logs that we have to input each week? We use Typhon and all of the patient logs for the week are due by Sunday evening. When do you do them? How many do you have to do each week? How can I speed up the process? Thank You,
  14. babyNP.

    PNP forced to work as an RN

    I would be looking for a new job. They don’t see you as a provider
  15. instax_

    CSULB Spring 2021

    I actually have a question about this! I applied to CSULB's SON twice already for the traditional basic BSN program way back then. I am currently attending an ADN program and will be graduating in 2021 and am interested in applying for the ADN to BSN program. I was wondering if I would still be eligible to apply since it is for a different program or if the two time application rule would still apply in my case? I'm not sure who to contact about this since the last time I applied Monalisa Ward was their admissions coordinator. I'm not sure if she is still working there.
  16. Hi, just want to create a topic for ppl going to RN-BSN in CSU. I applied for F & LB since August 1. CSUF specifically said that don’t send in transcripts till I got the CWID. So still waiting ... anyone in the same situation? I wonder if I can go to school and hand the transcripts to them directly to make sure they’ve got it or they only trust it if send directly by my schools? 🤔
  17. caliotter3


    Your application is governed by the program you graduated from, no matter where or how long ago. I highly doubt your intervening residence in the US will change anything along those lines. You need to contact the Board and verify what they will require from you.
  18. Sour Lemon

    No Job Yet

    One month is not a huge length of time in some markets, and things are weird in a lot of places right now. If I were in your position, I'd start putting out applications and see who calls back. And if someone does call back, see what they have to offer and compare it to what you have now.
  19. Sour Lemon


    I'm not entirely sure what those terms mean, but California wants everything from everyone. I went to school in Texas and was licensed and practicing there. I was born in the USA and have never gone to school anywhere outside of the USA. California still required all of my educational records. Your length of non-working time since graduation might also be an issue, but I'm not sure about that either.
  20. caliotter3

    Hired as a PNP, forced to work as an RN

    Do you feel strongly enough about this to resign? I would go along with the plan if they had not hired the new doctors, but they are flaunting that their excuse to you is a crock. It bears serous reflection about other ways they will treat you in the future. Can your career take a resignation on principle?
  21. jcd211


    Hi, just need clarification regarding the application for taking the NCLEX here in Los Angeles, California. Just to give a quick background of myself, I'm a graduate of Nursing way back 2007 in the Philippines and I have not practiced nursing since then. Now, finally I've decided to pursue Nursing again. My question is, will the Board of Nursing here in California still requires the Academic calendar and copy cases even though I'm already a permanent resident here in the US? To anyone who knows about this please kindly comment and give some tips for me to be qualified in taking the NCLEX asap. I'm all ears! Stay safe everybody Thank you JC
  22. Jedrnurse

    No Job Yet

    I would wait it out for a little while. In the meantime, have you started working on classes that would help you "hit the ground running" if and when the ER brings you on board? (e.g. ACLS) A lot of people (at least if you research it on AN) report not getting a job right away after passing their exam, and that was BEFORE the pandemic shutdown. As long as you're continuing to work I don't think it will hurt you as long as it doesn't drag on too long.
  23. Clementine

    Samuel Merritt Spring 2021 BSN

    You don’t need it to apply, but before you start you will need the BLS for healthcare workers from the AHA
  24. Naomikay

    Sam Houston State University Spring 2021

    Hi everyone. I’m applying to Sam for the Spring 2021 nursing program as well. We should make a group me
  25. Naomikay

    Sam Houston State University (FALL 2020)

    Hey did you get into the program ?
  26. dc_rene

    UC Davis MEPN 2021

    THIS HAPPENED TO ME TOO! So happy I am not alone. I submitted my application on time, but one of my transcripts did not arrive until a few days later. It sucks because this transcript is from a community college where I only took a history course to fulfill a graduation requirement. They told me the same thing. I think its a bit odd that they said: "cannot guarantee a review" like... you either can or you can't review it. I'm hoping for the best. Keep me updated on your status!!
  27. Hello. I have a phone interview on Wed with unit manager. Interview went for 50 mins. A lot of critical questions and I think I did well 🙂 at the end of interview, she gave me her email in case if I have any questions. She told me that she will let me know in 2 weeks In my experience, whenever I heard "we will let you know in 2 weeks", I was not offered the position. Should I worry about? 
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