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  2. berserk_angel

    UW Transfer BSN 2019

    YES ITS DONE!! How did you guys do? I know they said not to break it down afterwards but I still want to lol. Does anyone know how many people total got invited??? I thought they would give the number at the beginning...they didn't! I really really want to know.. What did you get for the math? I got 1.2, 200 and 16. The second question threw me. Seemed like a trick question....I just doubled the 100 mL because it's every 30 min and it's for 1 hr..right?
  3. bluepurplegreen

    UW Transfer BSN 2019

    Hey everyone! Hope everyone feels good about how the proctored went! Now it’s just a waiting game.
  4. Ohman512

    UW Transfer BSN 2019

    Woooooooo! Glad that’s over! Felt good about the essay but the math questions were a bit harder than I expected. 99% sure I got two out of three right on the math part...not so sure about the 3rd.
  5. Sorry I was unclear about that. I have 4 friends in the same metropolitan area who work for a similar salary, but their CONTACT hours are 32-35... This was my question. I understand the actual worked hours are much longer. So I currently see patients for 40 hours a week, then chart for another 10 hours, about.
  6. Needing some advice: My fiance is currently an LVN working at the State psychiatric hospital. Today he was suspended due to being a "moderate risk" due to an incident with a patient last week. Last week, the patient had climbed a chair in an attempt to remove/mess with one of the security cameras hanging from the ceiling. After failing to comply with the RN/PNAs requests to get down, my fiance came out of the med room and removed him from the chair. As he was walking away, the patient charged at him and punched him in the face. My fiance then grabbed the patient, took him into an arm hold, and forced the patient down while other staff responded. This patient has repeated behaviors of assaulting other patients and other staff members. He is restrained pretty frequently throughout the week. Today was my fiances' first day back on the unit after being released from restrictions due to a mild concussion and hematoma from the assault. While being interviewed by the Investigator, the investigator is claiming that it appears my fiance was taking a swing at the patient and the patient was backing up. This would indicate a violation of patient rights and assault from a staff member. The security footage shows my fiance grabbing the patient after being hit and taking him down but no indication he was taking a swing at the patient. However, another employee who was a witness says that the Investigator is trying to make it seem like my fiance was attacking the patient back. Until the investigation is over, which could take 2 weeks, my fiance is suspended and has to use all his sick/days off to cover for the suspension. My question is this: what protections, if any, do nurses have when a staff member is attacked by a patient and has to restrain him from causing possible harm to other staff or other patients? This could possibly mess with his career when he didn't do anything wrong. He did not assault the patient and put the safety of the staff and other patients over his own well-being until the situation was handled appropriately. Do we need to hire a lawyer in order to fight any possible accusations? Is there a BON law that protects nurses from wrongful termination in such events? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!
  7. CLC93

    UTMB FALL 2019

    Mine has not been updated.
  8. Sour Lemon

    Pay Differential

    It’s facility specific.
  9. hanksey

    Accelerated BSN TAMUCC summer 2019

    Was anyone else here offered an interview or heard anything from admissions? I am dying to hear back from the programs I applied to!
  10. AirPierre

    RCC Nursing Fall 2019

    I'm hoping that's the case. It does make sense though, I only found out about it because I took the nursing success class. There's barely any mention of the CEP on the RCC nursing website.
  11. emmjayy

    Trigger Warning!

    Yeah... when my ETOH withdrawal patient called me a "f***ing b***h" and threatened multiple times to "punch [me] in the f***ing face," he didn't give me any trigger warnings! You are so right... healthcare workers need to have great coping skills because we deal with all sorts of trauma, threats, bad behavior, etc. Not to mention the interpersonal issues that crop up when you're working with other nurses, providers, management, and everyone else involved in patient care. If you're going to curl up in a ball and feel traumatized over words or opinions, you are not going to go far in this profession.
  12. gravy94

    Pay Differential

    Hi Everyone, this might sound like a stupid question. I’ll be starting my first job as RN in few weeks. My HR recruiter didn’t tell me my shift differential, she said I’ll see it on my paycheck. I’ll be working nightshift 7pm- 7am. My question: does shift differential differ from 7-11pm and 11pm-7am or is it just one differential from 7-7am. The reason I ask because a friend of mine got a job at different hospital and she was told her differential from 7-11pm and 11-7am.
  13. VwBee89

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    I still do not get why they can't just email everyone the decisions...
  14. klone

    39 IOL

    I'm guessing since they're outpatient, it's not coded as an "induction of labor" and that's how they get around it (which sounds like fraud, honestly).
  15. klone

    39 IOL

    How have you not been cited by TJC/CMS? That's one of the CMS quality measures by which they score hospitals and provide funding. I'm shocked that your quality/risk department allows that. Whenever we have a "fallout" as they call it, it goes through several committees to evaluate how/why it happened.
  16. ch105

    Thoughts on vegetarian/ vegan diet

    This is accurate. It is extremely rare to be unhealthy as a vegan or pescatarian though I do know SEVERAL overweight vegetarians. My daughter would just come home after school & just eat Daiya mac n' cheeze if it weren't for me cooking healthier alternatives. She's in college & is currently living off of taco bell & carl's jr beyond burgers yet still thin. I'm sure here sodium is not looking that great though.
  17. CourtTonetto94

    Bristol Community College (BCC) Nursing 2019

    I have a good feeling about it being posted at the end of this week!
  18. ch105

    Thoughts on vegetarian/ vegan diet

    Tried pescatarian, vegetarian, & vegan due to a bit of a guilty conscience to contributing to world hunger, climate change, deforestation, global warming, ocean degradation, & animal cruelty but I couldn't stick with either. I still have cut down substantially on animal products but I was just raised eating all that junk so it's TOUGH. It's definitely much healthier. My family & I did the blood work after being one month vegan & the results were impressive. Diabetes, high cholesterol, & breast cancer run in the family so I stick with a lot of plant products as meat is carcinogenic here. I admire those people but I couldn't stick to it. Many docs are going vegan.. esp CV. Try to see what they would recommend. Don't let those healthy-lifestyle-hating people influence your perception of it either. Unfortunately, our society has gone from telling people to "eat their veggies" to talking down on those who do. You'll really hear more from the pescatarian/vegetarian/vegan haters than them themselves. My daughter is one but you would never know if it weren't for the big smack talkers that our unhealthy family can be at times.
  19. NurseBisi

    UTSW July 2019 Nurse Residency

    My friend received a rejection email today. Not for critical care though
  20. prmenrs


    One of the best education sessions I conducted, back in the day, was the "glo-germ" demo. The idea was to teach effective handwashing. Participants coated their hands w/this neon oily stuff, and then tried to wash it off. Then I used a black light to show where they missed. It got quite competitive. The best a participant did was the pharmacist, who applied the soap 1st, suds up, then rinsed off. He got the most off. @ the very least, people washed a lot the rest of the day!
  21. FallRN3

    Bristol Community College (BCC) Nursing 2019

    I am trying to not even check this blog so i’m not disappointed but i keep checking both and nothing! I just want to knowww!! Hope the wait is worth it
  22. prmenrs


    My hospital was required to hold "cultural awareness" seminars for everyone--mandatory, of course. One of the 1st things they talked about was "family values". We broke into small groups, of course, to do this activities. A co-worker showed up w/her usual hard-covered book. She listened to the 1st presentation, when they broke into groups, she announced that her family's value was to "mind our own business". She retreated to a corner to read her book, and didn't participate in any other discussions. The poor facilitator told her she could go home if she wanted to. She declined, saying that if she did, tptb might make her return to complete another session.
  23. NurseCard

    The Future Nurse Bully- Is it You?

    I dunno, I think it depends on the kid. My son causes me way more worry and grief than my daughter does. It's not really his fault, the poor kid was born with ADHD and then when he was 8, we found out he had a seizure disorder. Plus, all in all, the kid is way more emotionally complex and sensitive than my daughter. My girl has mostly been the easy child whom I haven't had to worry much about. Carry on. Sorry to hijack the thread.
  24. SarahLeeRN

    New Career in Management???? Advice?

    If you are someone who loves to have friends at work among your co-workers...and you have good solid friendships and a team with the people that you currently work with...then I would say seriously consider not taking the management job. I only say this because-in order to be an effective manager I feel that it involves a different skill set...one in which you need to enjoy the people that you work with certainly...and develop your team of people and allow them to grow and develop...but the bottom line is-when you are their manager, you cannot be their friend. I mean this in the nicest way possible. What I am basically trying to say is: when you are the manager, you cannot be the friend. You can be friendly, and caring and supportive...but if you are the 'friend' in the same way you are currently with your co-workers-you will lose the ability to be an effective manager. And if having many work friendships are important to you-you are best remaining where you are. That being said- if it works better for you pay wise and distance wise-and you are up for a new challenge....go for it! Either way, all the best on whatever you decide.
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  26. Nikkiguz19

    Mountain View College Fall 2019

    They add all the the classes that are on the admissuon raking form by grade such as College Algebra or any equivalent Math course, psychology, English 1, AP 1&2, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Pathophysiology. These are the course that give you points of A-pts/B-2pts/C-1pt. PHED does not give points. Is just a prerequisite for the MVC NURSING program
  27. 415RN

    RN to MSN Leadership &Management

    I'm in statistics now too - slowed my roll as well. Looking forward to having it in the rear view mirror !
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