discouraged and sad...failed part of PSB exam


Hi All,

I took the PSB entrance exam last week and received my scores in the mail today. high 90's in all subject areas EXCEPT reading comprehension! I failed that part....I don't know how as I am a voracious reader, but I obviously did not translate that into a good test score in that area. We only had 15 minutes on that section and I know I got caught up with some of the scientific jargon in one passage. I panicked and screwed it up...what else can I say?

Anway, my #1 choice for nursing school requires that you pass this before you can even apply. So, even though I got high 90's in math, science and verbal, AND I have a 3.9 GPA from my bachelors degree, my school of choice will not even accept my application because I failed the one section. It seems so stupid to hang the whole thing on one test - but it's their policy and I'll have to live with it. I'm feeling very sad and unintelligent right now....but I am just trying really hard to have my end goal in mind and apply to a school that uses the entrance exam as part of the whole picture rather than BEING the whole picture.

The sad part is, if I could go straight to the accelerated or non accelerated BSN programs (which I can't for a variety of reasons), I would not even need to take this test and I'd be fine because my GPA is so high. So it is actually harder for me to get into the ADN and diploma programs than it would be to get into the BSN programs!


Anyway, just came here to vent. I studied for 6 weeks....did better in math and science than I expected...and am just so very disapointed in the rest of it....:crying2: