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Discouraged new grad needs help with resume/cover letter!

by Ct22 Ct22 (New) New

Hi everyone, I'm a new grad with a BSN who has been job hunting over the last 1.5 months. I've submitted a handful of applications but have not gotten any calls for interviews! I know that a crucial part in the job hunting process is to make sure your resume and cover letter are well-written, polished, and make you stand out from your competitors. I wonder if my resume and cover letter are just too mediocre and are holding me back from getting interviews. It's time to really seek help! I wanted to know if there's someone out there who can kindly critique both my resume and cover letter and give me some feedback on how to make them better? I can email you or send you a PM.. any help would be appreciated!


Specializes in ICU.

I've recently been job hunting and landed a job (experienced RN). PM me.

Biff, thanks for offering to help me!! But I just realized that I can't use the PM system because I haven't yet had 15+ posts as a member.. So I don't know, maybe we can do this through email if you are okay with that?