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Discharge assessment missed

by Lisa A Lisa A (New) New Nurse

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While doing CMS reports for my LTC facility, I discovered two residents still listed on the active list who are now deceased. One was discharged and died at the hospital, the other one coded at the facility and was pronounced at the hospital. These occurred 8/26/29 and 11/19/19. Do I need to try and do discharge assessments now and take the late hit or is there something else that needs to be done to get them off of our CMS active list? (I'm still new at this)


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OP - can't help you, but maybe the Mods here will move your post to the MDS section where Talino will more likely catch it sooner and help you out.

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#1- If discharged return anticipated but died later while admitted in the hospital, code as such (DCRA) with the ARD 8/26/19.

#2- Do Death in Facility ARD 11/19/19.

Sign both today and submit. You will certainly get a warning but fortunately these type of assm’ts are only for tracking purposes. I recommend documenting the omissions and your plan to avert future mistakes.