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Worldwide disasters encompass many aspects of our daily lives. From the current Ebola epidemic to localized hurricanes and tornadoes to massive forest fires and earthquakes; these are all hot topics. We want to provide you with up to date information from credible sources. In this forum you will find information on current news regarding disasters as well as ways that they may impact both your working and personal lives.

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Ebola Preparedness Nursing Survey Results

We just want to thank the 3000+ of you nurses who participated in the Ebola Preparedness survey! The Nurses' voices have been heard! The results of the survey...

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Lynda Lampert, RN

Five Positive Impacts of the Ebola Crisis

Actually, some good has come out of the Ebola scare, and nurses can use this opportunity to educate the public about disease. It may never infect a great deal of...

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What Ebola has Done for Nursing

When the accusatory headlines rang out about Dallas the nursing population of the World ignited into a burst of support. As nursing students we began our career...

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The Contagion of Fear in the Ebola Crisis

Headlines like this have been the center of our attention, not only in the US, but in the world as well. Ebola in NYC What You Need to Know 2nd Ebola Case in...

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Nurses, Say Thank You to Ebola Nurses, Patients, Those Speaking Out
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Nurses, Say Thank You to Ebola Nurses, Patients, Those Speaking Out

Over the past months, the people of West Africa have been dealing with the Ebola crisis. In spite of the efforts of doctors and nurses from around the world who...

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Michael M. Heuninckx

Encouraging Words From A BioContainment Nurse In Omaha Nebraska

With all of the negative news surrounding Ebola, it is hard to find any positives that are being reported. I found some light when I read a story from Cheryl Rand,...

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Bridgid Joseph

The Tribulations of an Ebola...Trainer

My hospital has been preparing for Ebola for months; a multidisciplinary workgroup, all experts in their areas, created policies and procedures to put into place in...

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Musings on Protecting Nurses: Protecting Ourselves and Our Patients

The recent plethora of news regarding the two nurses who contracted Ebola through contact while giving patient care raises numerous questions as well as a few...

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Michael M. Heuninckx

When It Comes To A Matter Of National Health, No Nurse Should Ever Fear Retribution

Yesterday, I was listening to an interview Matt Lauer of the Today Show conducted with Briana Aguirre, a Registered Nurse from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in...

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Brenda F. Johnson

Not So Sweet; Fruit Bat Harbors Ebola

The idea of a killer virus penetrating the doors of our hospitals, offices, and clinics is a terrifying prospect. As scary as this seems, it has become our...

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Survey Results: To Quarantine or not to Quarantine

To Quarantine or Not to Quarantine......That is the Question that we posed last Thursday. We just want to thank the 3800+ of you nurses who took the time to...

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Nerve racked nurses during the Ebola crisis

Nursing has always been known as a selfless profession. Those who decide to delve into the jungle of chaotic madness know that there are no real guarantees. Your...

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Ebola: What About The Children?

​A wake up call spurs many questions With the recent news of a 5 year old in New York being tested for EVD, many questions are now raised for emergency nurses...

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Julie Reyes

Ebola - My Right to Accept or Refuse an Assignment

Ebola. The very name of this evil virus is striking anxiety in the bravest of nurses. Nurses everywhere are facing the question of "what will I do when it comes...

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Two Epidemics and Nursing

In the year 1952, the United States had the worst outbreak of polio in its history. Polio is defined by the CDC as "A crippling and potentially deadly disease. The...

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CDC Unveils New PPE Guidelines for Ebola

On Monday evening, October 20, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) unveiled new PPE recommendations for healthcare workers who will be dealing with Ebola...

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Ebola Fact Sheet: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ebola? Ebola virus disease, formerly known as the Ebola hemorrhagic fever, is a contagious affliction that affects humans and some non-human primates...

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Seasonal Flu Shot Nurses / Immunization Nurses

According to the flu.gov website, seasonal influenza (flu) activity in the United States ordinarily peaks during the winter months of January or February, but can...

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